Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SFGate: Nancy Pelosi goes on the attack against Mittens

Former Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi

"The House minority leader said Republicans tout the private sector's role in creating jobs and say they are "the ones who say they're risk takers."

But the Romney campaign's aggressive attacks on Obama over Solyndra, which went belly-up after receiving a $535 million federal loan guarantee, sends the opposite message.

"Now all of a sudden, they're saying, 'don't take risks,' " she said."

Rightardia thinks we need Nancy Pelosi back bad as the speaker. We used to read The Gavel, the US House blog,  which had things going on in it all of the time. Several new bills were introduced weekly. At that time The Gavel had a positive tone.

When John Boehner took over The Gavel became an attack vehicle against the president.

Here are the cirrent headline articles in The Gavel.
  1. Where’s Senate Democrats’ Plan to Stop Student Loan Rates from Doubling?
  2. Summer Plans for Republicans “Heavy on Jobs”
  3. ObamaCare to Tax Job Creators “Out of Existence,” Send Jobs Overseas
  4. Speaker Boehner's Memorial Day Message
  5. Weekly Address Highlights: Memorial Day & the GOP Jobs Plan

That's it! 

Why, because the 112th House was ineffective and only passed 75 bills in a two year period which is a historically low output for the House.

The 112th went out of session with a 17 per cent overall favorability rating from Gallup, a historic low. It's favorability rating during the last week was 12 per cent, even lower.

Anyone who thinks Republicans should continue to control the House is misinformed. The 112th was a "do nothing" House.

it was a national embarrassment.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats did a far better job of running the House.

Even the founders would have been impressed with her work as speaker! 

See the SFGate article: Nancy Pelosi goes on attack against Romney

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