Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WIN: Wisconsin Governor Walker Implicated In Possible Bid-Rigging Scheme

Scott Walker - Caricature

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin’s Democratic Party Tuesday released documents it says contradict Governor Scott Walker’s explanation of his role in a possible bid-rigging scandal. 

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the criminal “John Doe” investigation into Governor Walker’s aides when he was Milwaukee County executive is looking at possible illegal bid-rigging involving the governor. 

A private email exchange between Walker and his longtime campaign advisor John Hiller regarding a real estate contract Hiller had a financial interest in is at issue. 

The newspaper said sources have described the emails as a possible “bombshell." 

Walker has hired criminal defense lawyers and has spent tens of thousands of dollars from a criminal defense fund he set up to deal with the “John Doe” investigation. He faces a recall election June 5th.

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source: workers Independent News

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