Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What the election of Republican president would portend.

1. The Republicans would try to rationalize a war with Iran.

2. US diplomacy would stop and a neo-conservative like John Bolton would probably become Secretary of State. The US ambassador to the UN would take a belligerent stance. Diplomatic efforts with Cuba would cease. 

3. Keystone XL would be built directly over the biggest aquifer in the US. Environmental regulation would be relaxed, fracking would increase and federal lands sold of to corporate interests. 

4. The National Labor Relations board would be filed with GOP lackeys and all labor complaints would be voted down. 

5. Two Supreme Court justices are expected to retire after 2016: Justice Ginsberg and Justice Scalia. A 5-4 conservative majority in the Supreme Court would become 7-2. Any law the Republicans didn't like would be challenged in courts with the intent of getting the law stuck down.

A 5-4 conservative majority in the Supreme 

Court would become 7-2.

6. The IRS would see additional severe budget cuts and the auditors would be directed to audit Earned Income Tax Credit returns from the poor rather than tax filings form the most affluent Americans. (GW Bush actually did this while he was president).

7. Republicans would attempt to reduce or eliminate the Estate Tax and the capital gain taxes as well as flatten federal income tax under the guise of “tax reform.” This would, indeed, make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

8. Republicans would “reform” welfare by cutting funds to food stamps (SNAP) and school lunches.

9. The Retirement age for Social Security and Medicare would be raised. Republicans would divert revenues from Standard Medicare to Medicare Part D. Essentially Standard Medicare would again subsidize the privatized Medicare program that was never properly funded.

10. The GOP would attempt to privatize the VA with a voucher program. This is easier said than done become many vets have very serous disabilities and a “one size fits all” voucher program would be unworkable. 

11. The reproductive rights of women and he human rights of the LGBT communities would now be attacked at the federal level.

12. New immigrants would be sent home without little due process. In contrast, the HI-B Visa program would be expanded to let more educated and high tech foreign workers into the country. New immigrants generally compete for jobs that high school dropoutswant; yard, work, fast food, roofing and other construction jobs. HI-B visas let foreign workers take information technology and university positions. 

Do you really think the next election doesn't matter? 

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