Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Found rogue DNS server adresses on Windows 7

You need Domain Name Services (DNS) to connect to the Internet.  Essentially when you type an alphanumerical Uniform Resource Locater (URL) such as, the DNS server converts this human readable address to an Internet Protocol IP) address such as

Most home routers use a local DNS address such as and will pass the request for DNS services to the cable modem. The DNS address is important because you will not be able to browse the Internet if the address is incorrect.

Likewise, if you are using a virtual Private network (VPN), you don't want commonly used DNS servers to respond to your requests for an IP address.

The DNS server can log your IP address and as well as the IP address of the web site you wish to visit. This defeats the point of the VPN. In fact, there is a DNS leak test fix for Windows to make sure you VPN connection does not communicate with insecure DNS servers.

I was checking my wireless connections when I noticed my Windows wireless adapters were using the DNS addresses of and Have to believe some sort of stealthy malware changed the DNS addresses on my Windows PC. My PC should not have been able to browse he Internet at all, but Firfox browser has been working fine,

Did find out ho owns the these addresses from
Sterling, VA, United States
Provider: NeuStar

NeuStar, Inc.
45980 Center Oak Plaza Network Operations Center, Sterling, VA 20166 US
+1-866-638-6622 +1-866-638-6622

Neustar offers internal and external managed DNS services that play a role in directing and managing traffic on the Internet, cloud-based DDoS attack protection and website performance management tools.

Check your network configuration in Windows and make sure the DNS server address is correct. Comodo claims its DNS severs are secure: if you need a DNS address, try these:

Comodo Secure DNS


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