Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rise of Nations fix

Rise of Nations (RON) is  a real time strategy (RTS) game  developed for Windows XP. It works intermittently or not at all on Windows 7and 8. In fact, it doesn't play  well with my Windows 7 third party firewall and nearly trashed the Windows install.

After recovering Windows, I reinstalled RON. After the install, I used Explorer to get  into the CD-Rom and executed  rise.exe form the CD-Rom on the D-drive. You can use the DOS box to do this as well. Type cmd is the little window at the bottom of the`Windows 7 menu:

Enter "cmd" at the bottom of the Windows 7 menu and go to the D-drive.

A DOS box will open
When I entered the Rise executable  command, Windows indicated a file patchw32.dll was missing. Checked  the RON directory under the MS Games directory and noticed the .dll fie had already been installed.

Figured out this was a "path" problem. Recalled that Windows 7 has a System or System32 directory for .dll files. After looking around, I found the Windows 7 directory for .dll files in c:\windows\system.

Copied the patchw32.dll file to the C:\windows\system directory and started RON with the windows shortcut on the desktop. The program has worked perfectly ever since.

CodeWeavers claims to have an installable that will allow you to play the game on a MAC or Linux based PC.

Having experimented with Wine and Play On Linux with Rise of Nations, strongly enecourage you to check out the trial to make sure the installable really works before you purchase the CodeWeavers software.

If you have Steam, you can also play Rise of Nations extended edition online. 


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