Friday, June 6, 2014

A trick with Roku and Pandora.

 Roku 2 controller with earbuds connected to Blue Tooth audio jack

If you have a Roku 2 or 3 appliance, ii comes with a controller that contains a female Blue Tooth headphone jack. You can connect a headphone to a standard male 3.5mm connector and listen to Pandora while you work out as long as you are within the 33 foot range off Blue Tooth enabled Roku appliance

Have to change the HDMI input on my TV to bring up the Roku options that include Netflix and Amazon Prime. I then scroll to Pandora and use the shuffle option.

I found Pandora would continue to work even after changing the TV input back to cable TV. 
Instead of using a head phone, I decided to connect a Blue Tooth enabled 808 speaker to the Roku controller using an audio cable that came with the speaker. You can charge the 808 speaker with a USB cable that is also provided with the 808 speaker.

Have the speaker charging from my laptop. There are also USB adapters that will charge the speaker from a wall outlet.

At bedtime, turned off the speaker. When I got up, turned the speaker back on and to my surprise the speaker was still playing the Pandora music.

You can also use the Pause button on the Roku controller to pause music.

So a music aficionado can listen to Pandora all day long while his significant other watches TV that has the same Roku connection. This setup is independent from a laptop or PC.

You can turn off or pause the streaming music and restart it at a later time.

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