Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Job options for a smart young Democrat

Rightardia has noticed a lot of intelligent and gifted people posting on our FaceBook page: or go to FB and search for Eric Elder. If you want to be "friended," you will have to be referred to by someone with friend" status on this page. Or leave a comment on this blog.

My advice to a smart young person graduating from high school or college is to start your own business or work for the government or in the public sector.

Working for most corporations in the USA is pointless. Most underpay workers, offer marginal benefits and no retirement.

By no retirement, Rightardia means that a 401K is not a retirement option. In fact, the 401 K was originally designed for affluent people and became a marginal savings plan for other Americans.

Don't waste your time working for a soulless corporation. Start a business or work for the government. Although this may be a tough row to hoe in the beginning, in the long run you will come out ahead.

Let the Republican stooges, lackeys, corporate running dogs  and sycophants work for the corporations. They will get their just rewards, too.

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