Thursday, June 12, 2014

Amazon Basics Micro-cut shredder is impressive

Got an Amazon Basics 12-sheet micro-cut shredder for Father' Day. It arrived today so I had to test it, much to my partner's chagrin. 

The shredder looked very similar to a crosscut made by Aptiva. The switch on both machines was identical. However, This shredder is a big improvement to the crosscut Aptiva. It is larger and quieter.

The output is has the consistency to kitty litter. Other features:

  • The shred size of 5/32" x 15/32" (4 x 12 mm) is security level 4 rated.
  • A shred speed of 6 feet per minute plus a continuous shred duty cycle of 8 minutes
  • A large 6.7 gallon wastebasket has a capacity of 600 sheets

Most shredders won't run for more than 15 minutes. A thermal auto switch will turn the shredder off so the electric motor doesn't burn out. You should also lubricate the blades every month. You can buy shredder oil, but mineral oil and basic vegetable oil will work, too. Canola or corn oil should work well because it has a high smoke point.

The other good news about this shredder is that it costs about $100. You will find equivalent shredders is retail store starting at about $150.

The shredder has removable bin. The cutters are built into the unit. There is no safety switch in this unit so if the unit tips, it will continue to run.

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