Thursday, October 11, 2012

Politifact on the two presidential candiates

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney in Denver Presidential Debate

What candidate is more truthful?. That is the question. 

Politifact on Mitt Romney: About 30 per cent of what Mitt Romney says is true or mostly true while 26 per cent is false or pants on fire. 

True29 (16%)(29) 
Mostly True25 (14%)(25) 
Half True51 (28%)(51) 
Mostly False32 (17%)(32) 
False31 (17%)(31) 
Pants on Fire16 (9%)(16) 

Now Let take a look a Obama: 55 per cent is true or mostly true while only 16 per cent is false or pants on fire. 

True 96 (22%)(96) 
Mostly True101 (23%)(101) 
Half True113 (26%)(113) 
Mostly False52 (12%)(52) 
False62 (14%)(62) 
Pants on Fire7 (2%)(7) 


Conclusion: Obama is running a campaign that is significantly more honest and accurate than the Romney campaign. You are far less likely to hear the truth from Team Romney. 

This is sad state of affairs  for a man who has been a Mormon bishop. You would think Mittens would demand more integrity in his campaign. 

If the truth will set you free, vote Democratic! 

graphic: Donkey Hotey, Anyone can see this photo AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved

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