Sunday, August 5, 2012

Russia Today: Is Netanyahu's tough talk on Iran just smoke and mirrors?

"Israel’s threats that it could attack Iran at any time appear to be a tactical ploy, after a government insider revealed that no military plans against Tehran have been discussed by Israel's top ministers for “months.”
The information was leaked to news agency Reuters by a highly-placed official who has been briefed on all the meetings of the octet – an inner council of the top eight Israeli ministers, presided over by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

Rightardia has suggested that a unilateral Israeli attack on Iran is unlikely because the Israelis lack the strategic bomber and tanker force necessary for a successful preemptive attack.

Such an attack would probably fail and simply cause the Iranians to accelerate their nuclear ambitions.

Worse, an Israeli attack could lead to a middle eastern regional war with the US backing Israel and Russia, the Arab states.


See Phony war: Is Netanyahu's tough talk on Iran just a front? — RT:

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