Thursday, June 21, 2012

Political Buzz 6.20: Obama Releases Two Romney Attack Ads

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President Barack Obama is coming out swinging against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, releasing two television ads slamming his rival. 

Typically putting out such scathing spots means the sitting president is in trouble, but a new Bloomberg poll shows that's not the case. 

Jay DeDapper has the story.
Obama is a Chicago street fighter and these ads are mild compared to some GOP ads we have seen in years past. The ads have been effective and have broken what appeared to be a political stalemate.

Romney's record in MA was hardly exemplary. He tired to run the state as a CEO and used an impersonal approach that alienated both political parties.

Mittens left office with a 56 per cent disapproval rate and missed more than 200 days in the governor's mansion during his last year in office. 
He vetoed 800 bills and 640 were overturned by the MA legislature. Rightardia believes Mittens would be a gridlock president.  
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