Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mitt Romney and Rick Scott: Peas from the same pod

Just what America needs need: another Rick Scott

If you want a peek of what a Mitt Romney administration would be like, take a look at Rick Scott's governorship of Florida.

Both men are fabulously wealthy and religious. Both men ran large corporations, although Scott crossed the line into illegality more than Mittens ever did.

What are some of the things Scott did when he became governor? 

First, he wanted state employees drug tested although the courts were clear that only state employees involved in worked in public safety such as police and fire fighters are subject to drug tests.

Scott also wanted welfare recipients drug tested although there was little empirical evidence that welfare recipients had a drug abuse problem

In both cases, FL and Federal courts stopped Scott in his tracks on the drug testing.

Scott also tired to privatize the FL prison system south of Orlando. What was the price: a 20 year contract with two private prison corporations. The prison guard union sued and stopped the privatization plan.

Scott has also tried to disenfranchise Hispanic voters with a faulty list that the state provided to the 67 county supervisor of elections. Almost all of the counties ignored the governor's and his Secretary of State's voter purge order.

Scott also 'reformed"the Florida unemployment compensation making much harder for workers to get unemployment compensation. Unemployed workers have to complete a 45 question test and keep detailed record of their job searches.

Would Mittens attack public sector unions as Scott walker did in Wisconsin? This also seems likely since what remains of the union movement in the US is in the public sector and these unions bankroll the Democratic party.

The GOP know that the power of white upper income plutocrats and oligarchs is being diluted by the rapid growth of minorities in the US. Obama's election in 2008 made that crystal clear.

The Republican solution: disenfranchise non-white voters and to also attack unions to weaken the Democratic opposition.

The Citizens United ruling seemed like a "Hail Mary" play on the part of a conservative Supreme Court to maintain the white dominated political status quo.

Of course, should Mitt Romney win the 2012 election, a conservative Supreme Court could be strengthened if one of the "liberal" Supremes were to retire.

The good news for Obama is that he has opened a substantial lead over Mitt Romney.

Results of a Bloomberg National Poll released Wednesday showed Mr. Obama leading Romney 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters. 

Obama is also winning the tax debate.

Only 18 percent of Americans want the tax breaks across all income levels made permanent which is the position taken by Mitt Romney.

Romney has been reluctant to explain how he would pay for his tax plan. Cuts to programs like Medicaid, unemployment compensation and food stamps would likely be required.

Rightardia has looked closely at Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts which is his only public experience. He tried to run the state as an impersonal CEO and didn't even know the names of the key Democratic leaders who were the majority party in MA.

He used a similar impersonal approach as the director of the Salt Lake City Olympics.

America needs a leader, not an impersonal CEO.

Rightardia is also concerned about Romney's foreign policy ideas. He believes Russia is the greatest enemy of the US that is a throw back to the Cold War era.

He also was a former Mormon bishop and stake holder and is likely to harbor christo-fascist and Zionist views. His friendship with the prime Minister of Israel could lead the US into a regional war in the middle east and conflict with Russia, a scenario Obama has tried to scrupulously avoid.

Romney has also indicated he will increase defense spending which is the basis of the national debt.

A Romney presidency should be frightening the average American. Increased defense spending could push the US into another recession or worse, lead to a regional war that the US could lose.

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