Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gallup: Bias Against a Mormon Presidential Candidate Same as in 1967

PRINCETON, NJ -- Eighteen percent of Americans say they would not vote for a well-qualified presidential candidate who happens to be a Mormon, virtually the same as the 17% who held this attitude in 1967.

The funny part of this is most of those who won't vote for a Mormon are likely right wing evangelists or fundamentalists.

Another poll in 1983 indicated 18 per cent of Americans would not vote for a black candidate for president.

Rightardia would describe Mitt Romney as qualified to be president. His performance as an MA governor suggests he has a lot to learn.

Mittens is not a typical politician either who just happens to be Mormon. He was Mormon bishop and stake holder, very high positions in the LDS church.

See Bias Against a Mormon Presidential Candidate Same as in 1967


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