Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Media Matters: Fox's Bolton Ignores The Potential Consequences Of An Iran Strike

"But (John) Bolton at no point mentions the potential consequences of a strike on Iran. Meir Dagan, the former director of Israel's national intelligence agency, the Mossad, has said that an Israeli strike on Iran would likely lead to a regional war."  

Rightardia suggest that an Iranian nuclear weapons capability will negate Israeli nuclear superiority in the Middle East. We do not believe an Iranian nuclear capability would pose a threat to the US.

Botton could have a key role in US diplomacy if Mittens is elected president. Mittens has peculiar views of the US international role and is likely to provide additional support to Israel that may lead to a regional war and conflict with Russia.
Romney sees Russia as the biggest threat to the Us, a position that Colin Powell found to be incredulous.  

See Fox's Bolton Ignores The Potential Consequences Of An Iran Strike

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