Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Editorial: It's not looking good for President Obama or the Democratic Party

First, job creation has been marginal for the past two months with 115,00 new jobs followed by 69,000 new jobs in may.

Has the GOP tried to sabotage the recovery?

Certainly. One of the Tea Parties even advised corporations to restrain hiring until after the election.

But the Obama team has made some mistakes along the way. First it compromised the legacy of the 11ath Congress on health care and spent 15 months on a program that may get gutted out by the Supreme Court.

If the individual mandate is ruled unconstitutional which is a 50-50 proposition, the Affordable Health Care Act will become insolvent due to lack of funds,

The Obama team and the 111th should have spent more time on job creation  and tax reform.

So where do the Democrats now take a stand? The Dems may lose control of the Senate but the threat of a filibuster and the 60 vote cloture rule can still lock up the government. The GOP certainly proved that.

Harry Reid has talked about changing the cloture rule, but that should have been done three years ago. Changing it now would be a very bad idea.

A Romney victory in November will probably give the GOP continued control of the House and perhaps, the Senate.

The Romney team will start talking b-partisanship and want to roll conservatives into federal courts as soon as possible,

Will the Democrats roll over?

Consider that that Bush barely won and probably the lost the election in 2000. Did that make him a less effective president?

Consider that Obama won the 2008 election hands down, but he was stonewalled by the GOP.

Should the Democrats return the favor to Mittens? Rightardia hope so. The Democrats should tie up robo-Romney for two years using the Republican model so they can take back the House if required.

Rightardia would expect Mitt to try to run the government as a CEO as he did in MA. Romney is essentially a corporate type who has never shown much political skill.

We also expect a disastrous foreign policy.

A belligerent UN ambassador like John Bolton will give the US a black eye internationally.

Romney could try to steer the US into a regional middle eastern war by supporting Israel's position on Iran. The Persian culture is six millenia old and there is no love for the US after we installed the Shah as a US proxy. The Armed Services have never been excited about attacking Iran because of the rugged terrain.

Rightardia will expect Mittens to follow the same pattern he used as MA governor and in the Salt Lake city Olympics. He will be a remote autocrat.

Traditionally, the GOP has performed well in peaceful times when the economy is solid. It is less predisposed to handle crises situations.

This is why Rightardia expects a Romney presidency to be a huge disappointment.

However, labor will suffer even more during his presidency and so will the environment. Mittens will want to approve the Keystone XL pipeline expansion that will create short term jobs, However, this initiative is primarily about exporting US oil overseas through Port Arthur, TX.

A Mittens presidency could portend the beginning of the end for the GOP.

This is provided the Democrats can make some headway against the Citizens United ruling in the courts. Citizens United has already strengthened the GOP as a  minority party.

The GOP will continue to attack public sector unions because it is an important source of political contributions for the Democratic party. This is what the Scott Walker recall was about and the Democrats lost big!

Private unions are weak and only account for 6.9 per cent of the labor force. The GOP has done an outstanding job of eliminating private sector unions with right to work laws and conservative legal tactics.

Undoubtedly, some Democrats will be disappointed with this editorial. However, Rightardia  has a realist philosophy. We are not partisan hacks.

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