Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WIN: New app for finding union grocers near you

By Doug Cunningham

Want to be sure to shop at a union grocery but not sure where they are?

There’s an app for that.

The United Food and Commercial Workers union has created a smartphone app that allows U.S. and Canadian shoppers to find their nearest union grocery store the app by the 1.3 million member UFCW also provides breaking news updates and information on how to take action for working families, according to the UFCW.

Rightardia would suggest that the UFCW also put up a web site that identifies union grocers.

Recently Rightardia discovered that Public Supermarkets support the notorious anti-American organization, The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

To see some of the shady stuff that ALEC is involved with. see

ALEC had drafted reactionary legislation that many states have adapted and claims it is not a lobbying organization.

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