Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dancing with the Stars winner was predicatable

The Las Vegas odds makers got the finish right. Donald Driver finished first and was followed by Katherine Jenkins. William Levy was third.

Don't fret that you finished second, Katherine. Rightardia suspects some big opportunities will be coming her way.

There were five great teams this season. Roshon Fagin /Chelsea Hightower and Maria Menounus/Derek Hough were excellent teams that could have easily finished in the top three.

Next season Dancing with the Stars will have an all star competition. Mario Lopez has said he has been invited. Will he go? Hope so.

These are the people we would like to see in the All Star show: Apolo Anton Ohno , Hélio CastronevesKristi YamaguchiBrooke BurkeGilles MariniDonny OsmondMýaDonny OsmondNicole Scherzingerm, Erin AndrewsJennifer Grey, and Ricki Lake.

We hope Marie Osmond an Bristol Palin aren't invited back because neither one is that hot of a dancer. 

Rightardia has some ideas on how to determine the winners in the next season. First there are two types of learning curves:
Some people learn quickly as with the dotted line, peak and then never get beyond a certain level. Other people represented by the solid line learn slower but end up at a higher level of performance. Obviously, some of the people who don't have much dance experience won't start to peak until mid-season.

In this respect, the winners in the first half of the season are unimportant.

But all of the dancers need to stay competitive enough so they aren't eliminated in the fist five or six weeks.

Another issue is the judges rate objectively until the semi-finals and finals,

In the semi-finals, the team with a perfect judges score was eliminated and the team with the lowest score progressed. Arrrgh, partisan viewers! We saw this last season, too.

The judges rated three dances in the finals, two on Monday and one today. 

One team had 90 points and the other two had 89. Essentially, the judges scores in the finals were irrelevant because all three team were scored nearly identically.

The viewers will end up pick the winners. Rightardia has some ideas on how to figure that out, too.

The best dance in the finals was performed by Daniel Driver/Peta Murgatroyd with a country dance. Cowboy Troy provided live music. It was cool.

By the way, check out Peta's six pack in the open to the DWTS performance recap.

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