Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Does the Dancing with the Stars odds make any sense?

How do you explain this? 
New Las Vegas Odds for this week:
Donald Driver 3/2
Katherine Jenkins 7/4
William Levy 19/10

Rightardia suspects the oddmakers are privy to viewer voting.

It is our impression that Jenkins should finish first followed by Donald Driver and William Levy in third place if this were a real dance contest.

Predictably, the judges rated everyone within one point last night defaulting to a viewer pick.

Although Katerine Jenkins is the best dancer, she is from the UK and is unlikely to have a strong following in the US. William Levy is relatively unknown, but a NFL player like Driver is more well known.

Drivers' country dance last night was outstanding and he used his strength to an advantage.

Wisconisn will be voting for Driver so the cheesehead vote will probably make Driver the winner.

Of course, Rightardia muffed the results in the semis, so one never knows.

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