Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is Dancing with the Stars Fixed?

Tuesday the Dancing with the Stars results were shocking. One of the teams that finished first on the leaderboard on Monday with a near perfect 59/60 points was eliminated. The team with lowest score made it through to the finals.

How is this possible?

Even more curious, Good Morning America predicted one of the male contestants would win. How would they know?

A lot of the objectivity dropped off DWTS when Bristol Palin became a contestant. Apparently, there was a desire on the part of the show's producers to make sure she went on tour.

DWTS does not publish viewer ratings, but apparently this information is available to the odds makers and some media people.

Rightardia looked at the dances of .Maria Menounos, Kathrine Jenkins, William Levy and Donald Driver. Peta Murgatroyd, Donald 's partner, thought they were finished but apparently Donald's NFL fans saved the day.

In Rightardia's opinion, the first three should have made it through and Donald Driver should have gone home. Driver simply doesn't have the body flexibility to be a great dancer. He should be destined to finish third next week.

In fact, Rightradia thought that  Roshon Fegan  was a better dancer than Donald Driver, but he is young and still building a fan base. Fegan was eliminated two weeks ago.

The real problem is that the judges aren't rating the contestants correctly in the semis. Almost all of the ratings in the semi-finals were 9s or 10s. This means the fans make the pick and unfortunately the dance fans seem to have been rather clueless in the past two or three seasons.

Once the semifinals start, each judge should be given four cards for each round with a 7, and 8, a 9 and 10. After all four dancers complete a set, they should be rated from top to bottom.This means that after two rounds the lowest rating would have around 42 points and the top dancer would have around 60. 

This is the way the leaderboard looked on Monday: 

William Levy and Cheryl Burke 59/60
Maria Menounos and Derek Hough 59/60
Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd 57/60
Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas  56/60

Three points separated the leader from the low scorer.

Shame on the judges. No wonder the finals have been controversial for the past three seasons.

One other comment. Rightrdia was surprised when the pro dancers were interviewed and they were asked about the contestants who weren't their partners. Cheryl Burke noted that Maria Menounos was injured , but that Derk Hough would push her on to finish the competition regardless of her injuries.

Rightardia perceives Maria Menounos as a fierce competitor, We never got the impression that Derek was manipulating her to stay in the competition.

We saw Derek and Maria on Good Morning America and they were both gracious and positive about last night's outcome.

There is no point in crying about spilt milk, but we hope the judges start doing their jobs next season by rating the dancers more objectively in the semi-finals.

Well, it could happen.

Regardless, Derek and Maria were the real winners. It is shame we could not see them dance one more time next week.

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