Monday, May 21, 2012

Hacker goes after Rightardia

We noticed something unusual in one of our blog logs. Apparently, the security software we use defeated the attacks, but didn't log the incidents.

We discovered that someone tired to install a fake user account named Victor. Apparently the hacker believed the attack was successful because he or she tried to remote into the blog 11 times before giving up.

This is what we saw in our log:


Wirehead also discovered the IP address of the hacker: which a Road Runner account in Huntington Beach, CA. 

If a hacker could create a fake administrator user account on your PC, he or she could install a Trojan or other malware to steal passwords, bank account information or files.

We know of at least two web sites of progressive posters that have been hit by hackers. In one case, numerous files were permanently deleted.

We recommend our readers check their Windows user accounts that are usually at C:\users to see if  any accounts exist that the reader did not create.

Delete the phantom user accounts immediately and upgrade or update you anti-virus and malware software.

Also, make sure you PC has an operational software firewall: see

Most anti-virus programs include such a firewall that is superior to the firewall that Microsoft provides with it operating system.

Update: We got a quick response form Road Runner which indicated it has difffrent email addresses for complaints:

If you sent your message to an address other than abuse/security/ or, please be aware that your message was automatically forwarded to our centralized location at the address You may wish to use,, or for all future issues.


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