Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DEBKAfile: How Obama won the war against an Iran war and beat Israel’s military option

War monkeys are losing the chance to attack Iran

VIENNA —An interim deal has been reached with Iran that will allow the U.N. nuclear agency to restart a long-stalled probe into suspicions that Iran is developing nuclear arms, the U.N. nuclear chief said Tuesday.

The International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano, who returned from Tehran on Tuesday, comes just a day before Iran and six world powers meet in Baghdad for negotiations and could present a significant turning point in the heated dispute over Iran’s nuclear intentions.

Haaretz states the State Department spokesperson says UN-led talks are only one of two tracks on Iran issue.

The Israelis are upset about the agreement and the hawks at DEBKAkfile stated: 

Barack Obama is winning his Herculean battle to stave off a strike on Iran’s nuclear sites until he is safely reelected in November.  


Road To Election Day 2012 said...

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Rightardia said...
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Rightardia said...

Rightardia is a not a huge fan of the DNC. We were involved ina conference call in which a DNC person was trying to push support for a "compromise" with the GOP that allowed the Bush tax cuts to continue.

After the call I sent an email to the DNC person suggesting that Obama had rolled over and the man went ballistic an said he would block my emails.

So I blocked Rightardia's contributions to the DNC. Today we contribute more to the US senate,House and local politicians.

No, we don't plan to buy any Obama t-shirts.