Tuesday, April 3, 2012

WIN: Red Cross workers strike

This is what the Red Cross does to strikers.
By Doug Cunningham
Red Cross workers in Lansing Michigan have joined striking Red Cross workers in Toledo and Cleveland, Ohio. The workers represented by the Teamsters and by OPEIU are striking over understaffing, health care cuts and blood safety issues. Mike Parker, Teamsters Local 580, Said:

They wanna be able to give us whatever insurance package is out there. Say for this month say the person is paying $300 a month. They wanna be able to raise it next month to $500 or whatever. I think they’ve lost their focus on what their true mission is. They’ve turned into a for-profit corporation.

The Teamsters say the 150 Michigan Red Cross workers who went on strike March 30th are part of an escalating, widespread employee unrest at Red Cross. 

The unions say Red Cross has been fined $40 million by the federal Food and Drug Administration for blood handling violations. Teamsters President Jim Hoffa says when dedicated Red Cross workers “call out for a safer process that protects the public, the workers and the blood supply, they deserve respect and consideration.”

Rightardia has heard many awful things about the Red Cross over the years and doesn't consider it a charity. We hope the strikers prevail. 

source; Workers Independent News

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