Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Al Jazeera English: Palestinians to meet 'soon' with Israelis - Middle East

Finally some good signs form the Middle East. DEBKAfile indicates MOSSAD is suspending some its operations in Iran. Now a new peace initiative with the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the opposition Israeli Kadima Party has a new leader.

It is clear that Obama told Benjamin Natenyahu to go fish on an Iranian attack.

Rightardia pointed out that without US strategic tanker and bomber support, an Israeli attack of Iran would have failed.

 If McCain had been elected, we would probably be embroiled in another regional war that could lead to a world war. The issue, of course, is Israeli nuclear superiorty in the middle east.

The US went to war for a country of 7 million people once in Iraq. We paid a heavy price in blood and treasure.

Fortunately, we have a president with a calm demaonor rather than another crazed Republican war monkey.

All Obama needs to do to win the election is pull the US task force out of the Strait of Hormuz and the oil prices will drop. 


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