Sunday, April 1, 2012

FlackCheck: Politico points out anti-China trend in campaign ads

Uploaded by  on Feb 17, 2012 -- gives a shout-out to for pointing out a growing xenophobic trend in campaign advertising.
Most of the anit-Chinese rhetoric has come from the right wing who is afraid of the "Red Menace." Make no mistake: China is a communist nation that has mixed socialistic economic policies with  traditional Chinese village enterprise. 
The Chinese have a unicameral legislature that periodically replaces key leaders, a problem that has plagued Russia, Cuba and North Korea, countries that  ended up with hereditary Stalinist-style dictatorships.   
Should the US blame the Chinese for the American job loss. No, it should blame US corporations and Republican  administrations who gave these corporations huge tax breaks for off-shoring American jobs while ramping up the Hi-B visa program to allow more foreign workers in the US. 
This issue is not black and white. Democrats seem to be able to collaborate with Republican presidents, but it doesn't work the other way around. 

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