Monday, July 18, 2011

The differences between county club Republicans and the Tea Partiers.

This RNC slide that was left in a hotel room makes it clear that the RNC knows there are two types of Republicans.

The establishment Republicans are the party insiders, the people who run the party, select presidential, senatorial and congressional candidates and are the big donors. These are people like George Bush, George HW Bush, Roger Ailes, Mitt Romney, the Koch brothers, and Richard Mellon Scaife. They are also include many small bunessmen who make big donations to the GOP in the hopes they may one day join the elite ranks of this GOP group.

While the country clubbers have the rank of the GOP, the emos are the file.

These establishment Republicans are ego driven, but not blinded by ideology. They are motivated by profit and power.

Then we have the emos who are driven by fear of change. Many have an irrational fear of minoroties, different ethnic groups, foreigners and change in general. Many think that being black is an advantage. Most distrust government while country clubbers want to run the government.

You can include Rush Limbaugh's dittoheads, Stormfront and other white supremacy groups, and the Tea Partiers in this category. Most evangelicals and fundamentalists, who are mixing religion with politics, would also fall into the emo category. 

To win the last election, the GOP activated the emos with the Tea Party movement. However, these emo true believers gravitate to candidates like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and have little use for country clubbers like Mitt Romney. 

Rightardia suspect that a compromise will be worked out with the two GOP segments. Mittens well be the presidential candidate and Michele the will get the VP slot. 

Sarah Palin stepped on it big during the McCain campaign and we doubt if the country clubbers have any confidence in her. 

She woundn't follow the lead of her campaign handlers who savagely attacked her after the 2008 elections. The Neimann Marcus coast to coast shopping spree and Wasilla Hillbilly slur still haunt her. Palin also bungled a softball interview with Kattie Couric. 

Rightardia views Palin as an empty skirt. She has too much in common with GW Bush. The Tea Baggers want her to run but her chances are slim and next to none. Michele Bachmann is simply a smarter and more distinguished  evangelical. 

Bachmann can be a loose cannon, but she is unlikely to blunder as badly as Palin in the second banana slot in 2008. 

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