Friday, July 30, 2010

Conservative Scott Lively: Open gays exceptionally brutal and savage

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Gay Reichs
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Jason Jones sat down with Defend the Family President Scott Lively to talk about the much-debated topic. In his biography Lively describes himself as "one of the most knowledgeable and articulate opponents of the homosexual agenda in America".

While many oppose gays in the military because of a moral stance, Lively's reason for restricting gays is that the Nazis, including Hitler, were gay themselves, and used gay men in their armies because "open homosexuals are distinct from everyone else, men and women, in being exceptionally brutal and savage." 

Jones found this unbelievable, but Lively continued to support his claims with "evidence" that not only was Adolf Hitler a homosexual, but that the Nazis used to have meetings in gay bars.

Jones had to know - what is it about being gay that makes people as "vicious" as this man was baselessly claiming?

After checking with historian Prof. Dagmar Herzog, who pointed out that the Nazis specifically persecuted homosexuals, Jones confronted Lively with the facts.

When Lively simply argued that Nazis persecuted homosexuals to "distract public attention away from their homosexuality," Jones had the perfect opportunity to point out the holes in Lively's theory:

"So, that which you hate the most, you secretly are?" To which Lively responded: "I'm not gay."

Wikipedia indicates gay men suffered unusually cruel treatment in the concentration camps. They faced persecution not only from German soldiers but also from other prisoners, and many gay men were beaten to death.

Additionally, gay men in forced labor camps routinely received more grueling and dangerous work assignments than other non-Jewish inmates, under the policy of "Extermination Through Work".

SS soldiers also were known to use gay men for target practice, aiming their weapons at the pink triangles their human targets were forced to wear.

Lesbians were classified differently as 'anti-socials' and are believed to have worn black triangles in the jails and concentration camps.

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Noble said...

It would be incredibly funny if people weren't being abused, maimed and killed because of this psychotic closet case and his un-Christian hate campaign.