Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jeb and Marco's suspended campaigns no surprise.

Jeb had been out of politics for many years and his two terms as the Florida governor were lackluster. Mitt Romney warned him about running for president. Americans haven't forgotten his brother, George W., and the damage he did to the US and world economies

Donald Trump said “Frankly, he’s (Jeb) a stiff. He’s not a guy who can be president. He doesn’t have what it takes to be president.”

Trump has a point. Jeb has no fire in his belly. Jeb never stood out in the numerous GOP debates. We don't need a Casper Milktoast as our next president.

It never amazes me how Republicans enter the political arena at the senatorial and gubernatorial level with no prior political experience. The was true of the two Bush brothers and Mitt Romney. Trump is running for president with no political experience and so were Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.

Marco's problems are numerous starting with financial irregularities when he was a Florida legislator, Marco was also linked to two women during the campaign which certainly hurt him with Evangelicals. He also indicated he disliked being a Senator.

“I don’t know that ‘hate’ is the right word. I’m frustrated.” Marco told the Washington Post.

Marco was famous for his robotic recital of well rehearsed sound bites. For example. he said "the children of the Reagan Revolution are ready to assume the mantle of leadership" in a speech after the South Carolina primary.

The millennials are the children of the “Reagan Revolution” and most are progressives and Bernie Sanders supporters according to a Frank Luntz focus group.

Marco missed many Senate votes. He accomplished little as a US Senator. This is also true for Ted Cruz, who engaged in one pointless political stunt after another that alienated his Senate colleagues.

Two men who are US senators with two years of national experience are running for president. Don't think either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz have paid their political dues.

Our next president should not peddle into the White House on training wheels.

Marco got few Florida newspaper endorsements because he developed a reputation as being a lazy politician.

Agree with the Tampa Bay Times: Marco was not ready to be president. He wasn't ready to be a US Senator either.  

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