Friday, March 18, 2016

Cruzader Ted and the Virgin Heidi

Cruzader Ted met Heidi Nelson during the 2000 GW Bush presidential campaign. This was before she she worked as a banskster for Goldman Sachs. On the third date, Ted touched Heidi's shoulder and there was a flash of light. Heidi instantly knew that she was pregnant.

In April 2008, Heidi Cruz gave birth to her first child, Caroline Camille Cruz. Her second daughter, Catherine Christiane Cruz was born three years alter after another flash of light form Ted Cruz' hand.

Ted said that Heidi's body is a temple. Her immaculate conception of two children was a miracle and Ted quickly realized he would no longer be a husband with benefits.

So did had to go to a nunnery to seek passion. Unfortunately for him, Anonymous found out about these rendezvous.

Ted is Magic man would said he could easily make Donald Trump “huge” again by touching him is a certain place, but why would he want to do that?

Ted said that after he is elected president,he will establish an American National Church that would end the myth of the separation of church and state once and for all. The Virgin Heidi would oversee the two Oracles, Caroline and Christiane, who would produce prophesies and intelligence estimates for the United States.  

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