Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Secrets that Joe the Plumber won't tell you.

Was watching the news and it said plumbers gets lots of calls during the holiday season. The garbage disposal and toilet are usually the reasons.

Basic Plumbing

A garbage disposal has reset button on it, usually at the bottom of the unit. Press the button to see if the unit will restart. If that doesn't work you will need an Allen wrench to turn the grinding unit. Once the grinders budge, the unit will probably work again.

Potato peels and coffee grounds should not be put into a garage disposal. Often the potato peels will collect in the outlet pipe under the garbage disposal unit. You will have to disconnect and clear the pipe to get the peels out.

Note he reset button and the Allen wrench used to turn grinders that are stuck  

I prefer to use an Allen wrench set like the one below. You never lose the wrenches

Toilets are another holiday problem that can be a real mess if you have only one bathroom. If the plunger doesn't work, try some pots or pails of hot water.

Still clogged? Try a toilet auger. Got a three foot one at Ace hardware for $12. Have seen the longer ones for $39 or more. Most women should be able to handle the three foot version without much trouble,

Simply retract the snake up into the unit and put the cane into the toilet as noted in the picture. The auger should be at about a 30 degree angle with the toilet.
Now push the snake into the toilet. if you run into resistance., turn the handle in clockwise manner. This will grind up any debris. Repeat as required.

Advanced plumbing

Will post another article on fixing an electric water heater. If you or your partner are handy, you should be able to get the hot water heater working without calling a plumber.

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