Saturday, December 5, 2015

Jeb Bush's fingerprints are all over the outing of Rubio's mistress

 Rubio and Bush have been feuding

Bush campaign officials are trying to compare with Rubio as a “GOP Obama.” The Bush campaigners have been suggesting Rubio lacks political experience, but Marco actually has broader experience than Jeb Bush who has only held one political office, Florida governor. Bush has also been out state and national politics for nearly a decade.

Rubio, who is rising in the polls, is the biggest obstacle to Jeb Bush who is trying to take to the GOP nomination. Rubio has also poached some big GOP donors from Jeb Bush like Paul Singer,

Jeb Bush thinks he can win the Latin vote, but Rubio,who is Cuban descent and speaks Spanish at home, could do so, as well.  

Rubio is not-so-subtly suggesting the Bush name is a negative. 

Wow, what a revelation.

Bush is trying to portray himself as an experienced manager who has operated the nation’s third most populous state. Rubio, on the other hand, is presenting himself as an alternative to a dynastic political family.

Rubio has rising in the polls according to Fox News and The Quinnipiac University National Poll and is now is second place with Carson's numbers declining.  Jeb Bush is in fourth place.

Enter the Rubio mistress


There have been rumors few years that a Rubio has had at least one mistress and possibly two. Rumors have also circulated that Marco Rubio has at least one illegitimate child. While Rubio was in the Florida statehouse there was a scandal about his finances and the inappropriate use of a Republican credit card. There was an investigation or sorts, but some of Rubio's expenses were kept secret. It is possible these may have been child support payments. 

Jeb Bush is well-aware of the old scandal and would know what closets the skeletons are hiding in.  The Florida Republican party probably gave him access to Marco Rubio's Florida statehouse expense reports, too. 

Jeb Bush has the most to gain by eliminating Marco Rubio from the primary race. Assuming he Establishment Republicans can take Trump out of the race, it will leave only Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush standing. 

Rightrdia sees Cruz as unelectable because of his numerous christo-fascist rants.  A bigger problem for the establishment Republicans is Trump. Jeb Bush won't be able to buy the GOP nomination by outspending Donald Trump. 

George W. Bush took the GOP nomination in 2000 because he had the biggest primary war chest,


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