Thursday, May 8, 2014

White hat hackers's Hack-ANON infiltrate RNC servers

Hack-ANON discovered the new new political theme on the RNC servers for the 2104 elections: "We're ready to wreck America again!"

RNC theme: "We're ready to wreck America again!"

The RNC has established teams that will present the various tenets of the "We're ready" campaign.

Sarah Palin and Marcia Blackburn will present the women's phase of the the RNC theme: God has a plan for you in the kitchen."

Ben Carson will present his three step programs for getting brothers and sisters off the plantation with dramatic cuts to HUD housing, food stamps and school lunches. 

Paul Ryan will present his solutions for fixing poverty in America, once and for all. Ryan said the poor just need a swift kick in the ass to get them going.

Paul Wolfortz will present American foreign policy in the Age of Armageddon emphasizing why the US needs to take a stand in the Ukraine.

Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney will explain how war  can create economic opportunity for America. Dick Cheney added war is also great for the medical community, too.

A Reince Priebus memo also indicated the RNC is certain it has the correct prescription for America's ills.

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