Thursday, August 1, 2013

GOP: An anit-social political party.

The GOP has been fragmenting for a long time. This started with political purity tests in the 1990s when Republican moderates were purged form the party. The Club for Growth would challenge Republican moderates in primaries, exhausting the moderates war chest. if the GOP moderate limped out of the primary, he/she  became easy pickings for the Democratic opponent.

When Jeb Bush took the governor's mansion in the 1990s, the FL GOP purged Democrats from appointed positions. It also purged Republicans who worked with these Democrats because they werd no longer considered ideologically pure. 

Some of this resulted from Newt Gingrich who became the House speaker  in 1994. Gingrich discouraged GOP house members form socializing with Democrats. This actually prevented a lot of late-hours political business from getting done in DC.

The era of conservatives are different began. Some of this may have been inherited form the Christian right which tried to establish a Christan business community that only right wing Christians inhabited.

Rightardia thinks conservatives simply took themselves too seriously. They saw themselves as the wave of the future abut didn't realize their bubble would burst by 2008.

Boy, did that conservative bubble burst.!

But we now had conservative talk radio and Fox news. Academic institutions of higher learning wer mistrusted and Wikipedia that was founded by that libertarian, Jimmy Wales, was considered suspect

So a cartoon conservative version of Wikipedia called Cosnervapedia was born. If you want to understand the meaning of bias, check out Conservapedia.

Conservapedia is a good example of conservative anti-intellectual thought. 

Neo-conservatism was militaristic in the beginning and brought neo-confederate, militia, white supremacist and libertarian groups under its wing.

All of these groups have a high degree of sociall anomie and reflect the growing anit-social nature of the Republican party,

As the moderates were purged form the party, many Republican ditto heads, Tea Partiers and libertarians descended into fascism.

Rightardia considers the lone wolf philosophy of libertarians to be another form of fascism. Ayn rand, was a Russian emigre, Her writing was a counter to Soviet Stalinism. She emphasized the importance of the individual over society. Her work was a reaction to Soviet collectivism. Her books and ideas were not popular after WW2 ended.

Rand's idea appealed to the political outsiders, the Republicans that were booted form office during the New Deal.

Libertarians want a Utopian society with minimal (minarchy) or no (anarchsit) government. No society on earth has ever had such a government.

One libertarian apologist tried to suggest that the US was libertarians prior to the Great Depression. If this bloke had known Us history better, he would have known this was dark period of trusts, 80 hour work weeks, child labor and the struggle for women;'s suffrage.

Teddy Roosevelt brought us out of the darkness with his progressive ideas and trust busting.

Such thinking about Us history is also historically present minded.  Rand wrote her two book, Atlas Shrugged and the Fountianhead after WW2, not prior to the Progressive Era. .

We know know after 28 years of GOP leadership, that Reaganomics and supply side economics (trickle down)  simply don't work. Newt Gingrich rescinded the Glass-Steagall Act and 10 years later our country went into the Great Recession under the watch of GW Bush and his failed ownership society. .

When the dust cleared, fewer Americans owned homes than before. This was largely due to GOP deregulation efforts. Treasury secretary Hank Paulsen even reduced the SEC reserve requirements of the big 5 Wall Street banks in 2004.

Teh GOP is anti-government. It  really wants a seamless relationship between corporate and political leaders. This corporatism is often referred to as the first phase of fascism What the GOP does not want is the effective government that polices the corporate world.

The GOP envisions government with a lassez faire approach toward business. In fact, the GOp regularly cuts the budget of regulatory organization like IRS, EPA and the Department of labor when it can. It files the NLRB with "do nothing" GOP cronies and cut the manpower of OSHA to cripple this organizations from inspecting corporations.

Essentially, he GOP tries to neutralize government functions that doe not fit its ideology,

What we have today is an anti-social political party crowded on the 10 yard line of the right side of the playing field. it is party that has little chance of getting back into the game. All it can do is prevent the game from being played.

You can call them bad sports.

Rightrdia calls them an anti-social and disloyal opposition.

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