Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hasn't the RNC learned anything?

The RNC is trying to raise money and if you donate $5 or more, they will send you the following bumper sticker.

Rightardia has suggested the Republican party would be wise not the mention GW Bush at all. He was not present at the RNC presidential convention at Tampa and was absent in the Romney campaign for president. He didn't even show for the second inauguration of Obama.

Jeb Bush tired to unsuccessfully to revise his brother by suggesting he was really not responsible for the Great Recession. Well, GW and his administration was. the facts are undeniable.

Two unfunded wars that were hid from the Defense budget with supplemental appropriations, tax cuts that gave the most affluent Americans a $64,000 tax break and another unfunded program, the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug program.  Mix that in with the Bush (home) Ownership society  and the cause of the great recession is pretty clear.

A George mason Poll of historians rated GW Bush as the worst president ever. Wikipedia places GW bsuh is the bottom quartile of presidents. More than 80 per cent of 415 historians regard his presidency as failure.

The Republican attempt to revive this man's reputation is doomed for failure. Better to let this sleeping job lie.

Democrats were cutting jokes all over the place when the Bush Lie-berry opened. Some said the library contained mostly fiction titles, Others wondered where the comic and coloring book sections were. in this library.

The Republican Party continues to be the Party of the Stupid, a term Paul Krugman coined.

The RNC bumper sticker is a testimony to this.


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