Tuesday, March 26, 2013

America lacks political alternatives because we do not have a true two party system

The American political spectrum has no alternatives on the left. We have centrist Democrats with the progressives being on the left side of liberal middle, the Blue Dog centrist Democrats; and the Yellow Dog Democrats on the liberal right.

in fact, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was founded to move the Democrat Party to the right, rejecting liberal and progressive thinking. Rightardia will never contribute to the DLC for that reason. The Yellow Dogs Democrats, who cooperated with GW Bush, are also now gone, too.

Good riddance.

On the Republican side you have the Establishment Conservative Republicans. Many used to be moderates. People like Colin Powell and David Frum come to mind.

Then there are the Tea Partiers, the ditto heads and the militia wing nuts. Most of them seem to be plain old fascists.

Nate Silver breaks out the GOP in this manner:

Rightardia considers the moderate and reformers to be part of the Establishment Republicans that the reactionary Club for Growth has purged form he party. The establishment Republicans represent the top 10 per cent of American families: the one per cent and another 9 per cent called the elite.  This group runs the GOP.

The Establishment Republicans are very different for the Republican emotives or GOP emos  that include the Evangelicals , the libertarians and the Tea Party. Most of these people are politically naive. They know something is wrong in the US, but don't get that the GOP has been causing most of the problems with the economic crises it manufactures every 25 years or so.

The religious conservatives, right wing libertarians and Tea Party are he useful idiots of the GOP.

If you think this dichotomy is not known in the GOP  think again. This slide was recovered in a hotel room after an RNC convention when Micheal Steele was the RNC chair.

The libertarian movement is in flux with a supposed left and a right. A test called the Political Compass classifies libertarianism with both a left side and right side.

Rightardia believes the model the Political Compass uses is flawed because it confuses liberals with libertarians. Libertarians like Rand Paul fit in the far right fascist camp. Most of the 'left wing" libertarians that Rightardia has met on the the FB page, the Open Mind, are more like moderate reformer Republicans.

Rightardia suspects many of these libertarians are emerging liberals, but just don't know it yet. Many people in the Occupy movement consider themselves libertarians, but they are hardly Rand Paul supporters,

So where is this going? Because we have a truncated political spectrum in the US, we have centrist liberals that are represented by the Democratic Party and an association of conservatives and fascists that make up the GOP.

Americans do not have real political alternatives that other nations offer because there is no coherent left in the US.

We have the centrist Democrats and and an increasingly right wing Republican party that reflect the values of the 1 per cent and the economic elite. In the other industrial nations of the world, unions are accepted and there are no right to work laws. Politicians don't try to cut senior care programs either. You only see this right wing political  blather mainly in the US.

Chris Mathews recently said this on Hardball: 
We need a reasonable two-party system.

Republican ideologues who are advocating returning to ideas that have failed America. Unless the GOP returns to the center and offers some new political alternatives, we will have one party Democratic rule in this country for a long time. 


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