Saturday, December 8, 2012

No more "free stuff" for you

Republican Dirty Tricks: What a surprise! The so-called “Party of Personal Responsibility” is taking no responsibility for their crushing defeat on Election Day. Instead, they've decided to try and convince themselves and their willing “average Joe” dupes that their defeat is the fault of a nation of moochers who reelected the President on the promise of more of his “gifts.”

Frightened little man Bill O’Reilly whined on election night that the President won because women and people of color “want stuff”and Mitt Romney told his major donors in a post-election conference call that President Obama enticed his voters with “gifts.”

Funny how Republicans perceive representing the interests of everyday people as underhanded pandering. They've spent time, money and energy for the last 30 years trying to influence the public discourse with the belief that solely representing the interests of the 1% is a patriotic imperative, but doing the same for 99% is akin to “unconstitutional handouts.”

Republican “Gifts” Do Nothing for Working America

The fact is that Republicans have a history of giving “stuff” to their constituents – the wealthy plutocrats who pull their strings. Unfortunately, for the working American, “gifts” such as subsidies, tax credits, tax loopholes and deregulation haven’t created the shared prosperity promised by trickle-down voodoo, but have helped turned America from the most to the least upwardly mobile with worse income inequality than the Roman Empire.

Their “gifts” of funneling taxpayer money to organized religion through “faith based” initiatives has also helped chip away the at the wall between church and state – an essential component in the modern conservative mission to drag us back to a time when the rich owned and controlled everything – including the economically insecure working poor who compliantly awaited their rewards in Heaven.

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