Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama leads by 4 in Florida - Public Policy Polling

PPP's newest Florida poll finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney by a 50-46 margin in the state. That represents a 3 point improvement for Obama since PPP's last poll of the state . . . . It represents the largest lead PPP has found for Obama in Florida since early June.

Mitt Romney's image with Floridians has taken a turn in the wrong direction since the Tampa convention. His favorability has dropped 9 points from the Labor Day weekend.

Romney's comments about the '47 per cent' this week aren't doing him any favors. Fifty per cent consider his comments to have been inappropriate while 4per cent who were ok with them.

Romeny trails Obama by a 51/40 spread with independents who could determine the final outcome in the state.

Obama leads by 4 in Florida - Public Policy Polling:

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