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Jessica Ehrlich notes Rep. BIll Young has been dodging voters and debates

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Jessica Ehrlich to Congressman Bill Young: Please do not confuse voters with "stalkers"

St Petersburg, FL - Jessica Ehrlich, the Democratic Party's nominee against 42-year incumbent Republican Congressman Bill Young in Florida's 13th district (Pinellas County) issued the following statement regarding repo

"I am deeply relieved to learn Congressman Young and his family have not suffered any physical harm following reports his home has been allegedly burglarized over the past several years. And I have faith the Indian Shores police department will continue their thorough investigation. Following the attack on Rep. Giffords, nothing can be taken lightly."

"However, I am disturbed by several comments made by Congressman Young in today's story. The Congressman acknowledged he is 'more on guard' after he was 'recently caught on video' telling a voter who asked him a question about raising the minimum wage to 'get a job'. He also said he is 'not used to this kind of personal treatment' and claimed he was being 'stalked'."

"With all due respect to Congressman Young, I think he is confusing voters legitimately inquiring about his stances on important issues with being 'stalkers'. Thousands of Floridians saw the video of Congressman Young telling a young man repeatedly to 'get a job' after he respectfully asked Young a question. Further, Young, in another incident 'caught on video', walked away from a military veteran asking him a question about our treatment of America's returning military heroes."

"If Congressman Young wants to earn a 43rd year in Congress he needs to stop confusing voters with stalkers."

"If Congressman Young had held a town hall meeting or attended a debate, his constituents would not need to approach him to find out his positions. After four decades in Congress, Bill Young needs to explain his vote to 'voucherize' Medicare. 

As a member of the House Appropriations Committee that controls Washington spending, he needs to answer for our record budget deficit. And with thousands of Pinellas County voters struggling in this economy, his economic plan needs to be more than 'get a job'.

"I believe a seat in Congress is something to be earned. That's why I have been campaigning tirelessly, outlining my plan to protect Medicare, to cut wasteful government spending, and to protect our middle class. I have attended all of the recent candidate forums and have never seen Congressman Young."

"We don't need a Congressman simply occupying a seat in Congress and being 'on his guard' with voters. It's time for leadership and advocacy. I will put my real world, hands-on business experience to work fighting for Pinellas County's economic future."

Note: CW Bill Young had thought his condo has been burglarized but the local police disagreed. 

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