Friday, September 28, 2012

Daily Kos: The Republican brand killed Mitt Romney

"September 27 – With all the polls now showing an Obama surge, Republicans are jockeying for position to lock in credible-sounding explanations for why he is losing, the Senate is slipping from their grasp and other down-ballot races are turning blue. The most popular trope is that Romney is a terrible candidate. Popular arguments range from that he’s not really a conservative, to he’s not competent, to he won’t unshackle Paul Ryan, and to he just needs to be more aggressive.
What’s lost in the scrum of all this blame-shifting is the salient understanding that the product -- not the pitch man -- is the problem."
Rightardia agrees with this editorial's conclusions. The GOP is an old dog that hasn't learned any new tricks. However, Obama has defined the Democrats as the champion of the middle class and the the Occupy movement has defined the GOP as the party of the one per cent. It would be more accurate to state the GOP represents the interests of the top 10 per cent. 
Meanwhile, we hear the same old BS about supply side economics, deregulation and US militarism form the GOP. While we are still coming out of a recession. We hear talk from the GOP about cutting Medicare, Social Security, food stamps and the Veterans Administration. In the past the GOP didn't mind taking on the poor, but going after seniors and vets prior to an election doesn't seem very bright. 
The GOP also decides to attack the fastest growing demographic in the US, Hispanics and then initiates a war on women with as series of political blunders. 
God grief. How can this party expect to win elections? There just aren't enough angry white men to swing an election anymore for the GOP. Apparently, even the wealth of billionaires like the Koch Brothers isn't enough to subvert the US democracy.
Daily Kos: The Republican brand killed Mitt Romney:

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