Thursday, September 27, 2012

As NFL Refs Return AFL-CIO Says Union Trained Workers Do Better Jobs

By Doug Cunningham

NFL union refs are back in the game after reaching a tentative eight-year labor agreement with the NFL. Refs were scheduled to vote on ratification of the agreement Friday.

The refs keep their regular pensions until 2017 when they will be switched over to 401(k) plans.

The NFL Referees Association says its pleased to be back to work after having been locked out by the NFL in June. AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka says the football season can now get back on track.

Trumka says the awful scab ref call in the Green Bay-Seattle game underscores that no one does their job better that workers who have union training and a voice on the job.

Trumka says Crystal Sugar workers have been locked out for more than a year and don’t have the national stage the refs do, but it’s the same corporate greed behind it.

So, Trumka says, for NFL fans and workers everywhere fighting for a voice on the job it’s game on!

source: Workers Independent News

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