Monday, July 9, 2012

WSJ: Mitt is "politically dumb"

The Wall Street Journal said Mr Romney had fumbled the only possible silver lining  in the healthcare ruling by dithering and ineffectively calling the Affordable care Act a tax.

William Kristol, a well-known conservative commentator described Mr Romney's approach that he could win by pointing to Mr Obama's economic failings as "dangerous self-delusion".

Rightardia has pointed out that the qualities of a good CEO are not the same qualities of a good politician and that government is fundmanetally different from a private corporation. 

Government works best when consensus is built among management and workers. Private business prefers an authoritarian top down military model. 

When Mitt was governor of MA, he tried to run the state like an impersonal CEO. It didn't work. 

The other CEO governor, Rick Scott, is another example. He has the highest unfavorability rating in the nation of a governor. 

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