Monday, July 9, 2012 Cell Carriers See Uptick in Requests to Aid Surveillance

WASHINGTON — "In the first public accounting of its kind, cellphone carriers reported that they responded to a startling 1.3 million demands for subscriber information last year from law enforcement agencies seeking text messages, caller locations and other information in the course of investigations."

Rightardia's recommendation is that cell phone user's use inexpensive Tracfones or other throwaway phones for business over cellular networks. These phones are harder to track and also to exploit if law enforcement gets access to your phone. Change the phone every three months and use a different provider. 

Another solutions is to use a VPN for phone calls over a VoIP service like MagicJack.  Make sure the VPN provider is in a foreign country like Canada, Sweden or Russia that does not respond to US subpoenas. 

Rightardia has used even wireless VPN connections to make calls using MagicJack. 

This will keep law enforcement at bay with cell phone surveillance. 


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