Monday, July 9, 2012

Republican troubles are just beginning

These clowns never had a chance

Today the major went to a VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) which is the VA clinic in the northern part of the county he lives.

He was looking at an old Time Magazine when the GOP primary was occurring and Rightardia didn't see one person in the clown caricature who could be elected.

Rick Perry was just another dumb ass for TX, exactly what the country didn't need.

Michele Bachmann is a GOP caricature without the clown makeup on. She had made so many absurd statements she would have been easy to defeat.

Newt Gingrich was a sanctimonious windbag who had serous moral and ethical lapses in his past.

Then there is Father Rick Santorum who sees the political spectrum colored by religion. He would have been an easy mark based on numerous bizarre quotes the Democrats have on him.

Ron Paul, the libertarian, was the most normal person in the group within the most normal family, but hardly popular with Establishment Republicans, who like to start wars and develop lavish defense budgets.

Essentially, none of this crowd including Mittens, the corporate clown, is electable.

Republican voters would be wise to skip the 2012 elections with the hope that the GOP would move toward the middle after suffering another  humiliating defeat in 2012.

The GOP has moved to the right due to the disgust of the Tea Party with establishment Republicans, but the extreme views of the Tea Parters can not sustain the GOP much longer.

If the GOP can move to the middle, John Huntsman, Jr. might be a great candidate in 2016. If it stays in right wing world, Republicans are likely to lose the 2016 presidential election as well.

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