Monday, July 9, 2012

Buzz Politics 7.6: Do Voters Care About Jobs Numbers? Buzz Politics 7.6

June's jobs report from the Labor Department was mediocre at best: 80,000 jobs added and the unemployment rate stuck at 8.2%. That makes four straight months of anemic jobs growth and with the election likely to be decided on how voters feel about the economy, a potentially terrible sign for Barack Obama. But what if voters aren't paying attention to the numbers?

Rightardia agrees that the public is not paying attention.

Mitt Romney is essentially a CEO who lacks political skills. The WSJ called him a "dumb politician." Many Americans intuitively  know the country would be in for hard times if a one per center were elected president.

Has the public lost confidence is establishment Republicans? The Tea Party has, for sure! Looking back at the slate of Republicans who ran for president, it was  a very week slate.

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