Friday, July 6, 2012

NY Daily News: Romney - What a windbag!

"At a time when it wouldn’t be the worst idea for Mitt Romney, trying to be the first guy to knock out a sitting President in this country in 20 years, to show some actual backbone, Romney looks more flexible than Gumby every time he starts talking about President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act."

Rightardia noted Mittens fast talking, rambling style early in the election in which Mittens indicated that Obama was doing everything wrong as president.

He would then digress into his business experience. He would then usually throw in information about the importance of profit.

Most people know that such a broad statements that uses the words "everything" or "all" are usually false because exceptions are quite common.

Mittens seems to have the sycophantic personality of a sales person who is always bobbing and weaving and checking the eyes of the mark to guage what the target audience wants to hear.

As a result he comes across as a rambling windbag, who doesns't stay on message.

Miitens now has some serious problems

  1. The Chicago Pros have sullied his business credintails which Rightrdia perceives as irrelevant to begin with. Government is simply too different from business and Mittens should have figured that out as MA governor.  
  2. Obama Democrats are now attacking Mittens tenure as MA governor, but watch for even more fireworks here. Mittens was not a popular governor and he is getting drubed in 2012 MA polls. He left office wih a 56 per cent disaproval rating and 800 vetoes under his belt. His authoritarian CEO style as governor went over like a lead balloon. 
The one good thing Mittens did in MA was healthcare but he has run away from that accomplishment. His indivdual mandate (IM) was a model  for the Afordable Care Act and the surprising Supreme Court ruling on the IM put him in an untenable postion.

Mittens would have been smarter to make a statement about the Supremes and then move on.

His first day ad as president is a joke. The power to rescind ObomneyCare rests with the House and Senate.

Ditto for the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipleine is about TX oil indistry profits because any Canadian oil  at Port Arthur, TX will be exported to Latin America and Europe.

Mitt has made a lot of mistakes while running against an experienced politician that makes few.

At this point the outcome  of the next presidential election seems to be clear.

Romney - What a windbag! - NY Daily News

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