Saturday, July 21, 2012

Commentary Magazine: Does Obama Have a Foreign Policy Edge?

"It is a fact of political life that the 2012 presidential election will not turn on foreign policy. Unless something terrible happens between now and November, the focus of most voters will remain on the country’s failing economy. That’s probably okay with Mitt Romney because, unlike most Republican nominees in recent decades, prowess in foreign policy and defense issues are not among his strengths."

Rightardia agrees. Mitt is weak in foreign policy, but has indicated that Russo is the US' biggest geopolitical foe, while Obama is repositioning US forces in the Pacific. 

Romney doesn't want to cut defense, but clearly this has to be done to get the budget under control. When you lump defense spending, Veteran Affairs and Homeland Security together, it accounts for more than 50 per cent of federal discretionary spending form income tax revenue. 

GW Bush was an awful president who bought a pox upon the US and Europe. The Europeans  brought far too much of the worthless US real estate derivatives. 
The neoconservative view of the world

But Bush's neoconservative foreign policy was also quite atrocious and it caused great international enmity toward the US. 

Men like John Bolton have no business representing the US in the UN or state department. 

Hillary Clinton has done a wonderful job of restoring confidence in US international policy. 

It is unlikely Mittens will want to debate Obama on US foreign policy. 

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