Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIN: Nuns ride bus to protest Ryan budget , 06/20/12

By Doug Cunningham

Sister Simone Campbell directs the group Network, organizers of a multi-state “Nuns On The Bus” tour by Catholic Sisters opposed to U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget. Ryan budget.

As the bus tour launched in Ames, Iowa, she said the Ryan budget hurts the poor while giving tax breaks to the rich – the so-called ‘job creators.’

Sister Simone Campbell explained:

Not only have I yet to see a job, I’ve yet to see any salary increases for folks who work so hard day in and day out. (Applause) But what I have seen are CEO salaries that continue to skyrocket. It’s shocking – that CEO’s would get an increase when the very people who create their wealth don’t. That’s wrong in a nation that holds itself out as a democracy of we, the people.

The Vatican recently criticized Catholic Sisters for spending so much time working for social justice rather than speaking out on abortion and gay marriage. 

But the sisters say they stand with U.S. Catholic Bishops in their mission to serve the poor.

Sister Simone Campbell added:

So we’ll have the stamina, we’ll have the courage to keep going because we know we have solidarity with folks in Des Moines and in all the other places that we’re headed I bet we find the same. And if we have solidarity then we can each take the responsibility to form that more perfect union, right? Right. And let the people say Amen.

The Catholic Sisters appear to understand the original message of Jesus a lot better than the Vatican does. 

Way to go, ladies!

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