Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Al Jazeera English: The conservative closet

Columbus, OH - "Ultra-conservatives really love the closet. And no, I'm not just talking in a Larry Craig kind of way. Some of them use it to protect themselves, but many more use it to protect their agenda.

The closet can hide all sorts of truths among its shadows. Americans and any facts about the US that don't fit the right-wing narrative can be disappeared in this enclosed recess - either bullied into silence or simply ignored - and conservatism can continue to prosper. Because, quite frankly, conservatives need a big enough closet to house a combo Imelda Marcos/Carrie Bradshaw shoe collection if they are to continue prospering after the economic, foreign policy and social destruction they have wreaked upon this nation."

Rightardia has written articles about "in the box" conservative sheeple who hold conventional ideas and cannot be confused by the facts.

Lawrence Kolberg's Theory of Moral Development has both conventional and post conventional levels. Conservatives fit neatly into the conventional level of moral development. 

Of interest, postconventional people can understand conventional or conservative thinking because they functioned at the conventional level in the past. 

Conventional people have far more trouble understanding postconventional ideas and often attribute such ideas as being preconventional. 

See The conservative closet - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

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