Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mitt Romney's many shades of gray

Rightardia was watching Mittens lament legislation on Capitol Hill that regulated the financial industry and also required banks and other organizations to maintain higher margins (reserves).

Margins were big issues in the Wall Street financial collapse the SEC secretly lowered the margins requirements in 2004 for the five biggest investment banks and when the bank loans strarted to default, the investment banks collapsed quickly because the margins were exhausted.

With the exception of his temples, Mittens' hair was jet black tonight as in the last picture. . Romney that is 65 years old and is unlikely to have hair that is jet black. Salt and pepper hair is more likely for man of his vintage.

So we looked at some other pictures of the candidate and discovered numerous pictures of his hair with the more natural salt and pepper look.

Our conclusion: Mittens dyes his hair to probably make himself look younger.

Perhaps, Mittens  should do ads for Grecian Formula if he isn't elected. 

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