Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jessica Ehrlich on the Supreme Court ruling

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This is a victory for Floridians and middle class families across the country. 

Now is the time to look towards the future. This law has already improved insurance coverage for so many. It gives American's with pre-existing conditions the ability to get health insurance, and it allows young adults to stay on a parent's health insurance until they are 26 and closes the prescription drug “doughnut hole”.

Help me fight for Florida in Washington. Click here and donate before our deadline Saturday. 

Can you believe that Bill Young voted to strip millions of Americans of coverage by repealing this bill? He would rather burden families and seniors even more while giving tax breaks to billionaires. Just recently he also voted for a budget that would end Medicare as we know it and raise costs on seniors by $6000 a year. 

But the law isn’t perfect, and we must do more. Having lost my dad to a terminal illness, I have seen how financially devastating sky rocketing health care costs can be. I want to bring that experience to Washington to fight for working families.

Will you donate before my big deadline on Saturday to help me fight for Floridians in Washington? There are just a few days left! 



Jessica will compete against the GOP fossil, CW Bill Young, in Florida's 10th Congressional District. Bill Young is competing his 20th term in congress and needs to go home and retire.

CW Bill Young is the GOP poster child for term limits. 

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