Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alternative View: Public Spats With Israel Matter « Commentary Magazine

"For decades Palestinians have dreamed of the United States someday abandoning Israel. They have been encouraged in this belief by many of their foreign supporters and this foolish notion has drawn strength from any credibility given to the Walt-Mearsheimer thesis that sees the United States being manipulated by a crafty pro-Israel cabal. Peace will be impossible until a sea change occurs with the political culture of the Palestinians that will make it possible for their leaders to recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish state no matter where its borders are drawn. But one of the necessary preconditions to that sea change is recognition on the part of the Arab and Muslim world that Israel is permanent fixture in the region and will never be betrayed by its superpower ally. . . 

But if all Romney does differently is to conduct those arguments quietly and thereby avoid the ambushes, staged fights and attempts to humiliate Israel’s government that the president preferred, his administration would be a marked improvement."

Rightardia doesn't agree with the Commentary conclusion. Israel has had 60 years to settle with Palestine on its own terms and has not. The US needs to put pressure on Israel because "quiet diplomacy" has not been effective, particularly with a Zionist like Bibi Natenyahu. 

Israel wants to attack Iran but can not launch a "successful attack" without US tanker and bomber support.  Iran would certainly develop a nuclear bomb after such an attack and a regional middle eastern war would be a likely outcome after a combined Us-Israeli attack against Iran,

Israel is trying to bite off more than it can chew with Iran. it is clear from the public spats between the two administrations that Israel and US interests in the middle east no longer coincide and probably never really did. 

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